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Tap into 5+ million users

Tapzo helps millions of Indians get their daily tasks done. Our Developer APIs create an ecosystem that helps you tap into this audience. Our APIs let you build services and solutions that make your user's experience more productive and rewarding. You can use user details like location, phone type, gender etc. to create a targeted offering.

100+ Cities 40+ API Partners 25M+ Transactions

Current partners

Tapzo Partners

API integration in Tapzo

Tapzo acquisition channel

The best acquisition channel on the Internet

If you run a transactions business, we understand that the online marketing ecosystem is broken for you: you pay for installs, but lose 40-70% of your audience. Tapzo give you a transacting user and a transaction directly. Tapzo platform integrates with the best Internet players in each category and enables them to scale using their APIs.

Tapzo distribution channel

The most effective content distribution platform

If you run a content business (video, pictures or text) and would like to access millions of additional users and earn revenues, then the Tapzo platform is perfect for you.

Tapzo Deals API (Limited Access)

Tapzo deals API

Online stores deals

If you run an online store, or a website, our API lets you upload the latest deals for your online stores with real time sync in prices and deal terms

Self-serve dashboard

No tech team or bandwidth to develop on our API end-points? No worries. We also provide restricted access to a self-serve dashboard for uploading deals.

Commerce API (Coming Soon)

Transactions API

Whether you are a merchant selling locally or an online shop or you have a services business, our Transactions API let's you tap into the power of Tapzo's millions of customers by creating a virtual shop and a cart.